The following is a list of posts in chronological order that detail the transition I had  over one week  from Chronic Kidney Disease to End Stage Renal Disease (kidney failure) and starting on dialysis. It is therapeutic for me to write this out because it enables me to get some perspective on it outside of my own direct experience. When I read it like it happened to someone else it is like, okay, that really isn’t so bad, why were you dreading going on dialysis  so much?

I was 170 lbs at the beginning of the that week and after a week on dialysis I was down to 144, a loss of 26 lbs (12kg) of accumulated fluid. The first 3 weeks of dialysis I had to be driven but I have started being able to drive myself now.

ECOV, the nonprofit I do a lot of volunteer work for, bought me a laptop so I am able to work while I sit for the 4 hours  3 times a week. The dialysis center has wi-fi. Between that and taking my nap there and doing some reading, emotionally I have adjusted better to being on dialysis than I thought I would, one reason being it isn’t a complete loss of time out of my week.

The following adds up to 9943 words if you want to plow through every twist and turn of the events of one momentous week in my life as I transitioned from a body capable of surviving on its own to one totally dependent on a machine.

The Wolves Are Circling

Another Angle On When I First Went To The Hospital

Gosh: S.O.B.

Still Short of Breath

Thursday Dawns Bright and Confused

The Tylenol Story

Low Sugar Blues

End Of One Life

First Dialysis

Dawn Of A New Life

“Junior and Me At Dialysis” by Tiana Gregg


5 Responses to “Dialysis”

  1. David W. Skjerven Says:

    Mark, may the Lord look upon you with favor.

  2. Kama Gayatrī Devī Dasī Says:

    May Krśna walk with you every step of your journey!

  3. Gregg Says:

    I just saw this Gosh. I fully intend to read the 9943 words in total, so your efforts are not in vain brother.
    May Lord Nrsimhadeva be with you.

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