Although there is a Poetry category on this blog, it is hard to browse through as it is set up linearly — you have to start at the newest and work through to the oldest. I have set up indexes to make it easier to see what is here.

I have two categories — poems I wrote myself, and real poet’s poetry.

Sometimes the poem doesn’t stand by itself, you have to read through a post to find it. If you come to a post and the title is different than the poem you are looking for, don’t give up, it is contained within.

A Blood Test(2005)
Around His Tombstone(2008)
A Wake(2006)

Case Study(2005)
Christmas Time(2004)

Death’s Green Room(2005)

Empty Glasses(2004)

Familiar Looking Stranger(2005)
First Spear(2008)

For Sale (2003)
For Parvati(2004)
Free Falling (2003)
Freshly Sliced(2006)

Having Seen the Sun(2003)
Hearing “Black Island” Played by a Live Bagpiper(2005)
How Did That Happen?(2005)

Kulimela Mooed(2006)

Lingering on the Gallows(2005)
Lyrical Lameness(2004)

Maybe Death (2003)
Me Real The(2006)

My Moth Eaten Life(2006)
My Spring Poem(2004)

Nameless R.I.P. 3-31-07(2007)
Night Life(2006)

Once There Was A Baby(2006)
One Quarter Mile (400 meters)(2006)

Panel 02W – – Line 26 (2003)

Roadkill Butterfly(2003)
Room Without Walls(2006)

Scene Waiting in a Teller’s Line(2004)
Shadows on the Land(2006)
Since He’s Gone (2003)
Standing In The Shadows(2006)

Thank You, Rufus Payne(2005)
The Journey(2004)
The Last Thought of Judas(2007)

The Last Wheelbarrow(2002)
The Skater(2005)
Thirteen Ways To Say This Poem Sucks(2004)
Three Fazes of Breath(2004)

Unshattered or Complete(2007)

Voyagers in the Mist(2006)

Walking to New Orleans(2005)
While Resting In the Van Between Planting Nut Trees (2011)
Without Day(2005)