The night my sugar kept dropping and I had to go to the hospital the second time turned out to be the last day in my old body, the body that didn’t need to be on dialysis in order to survive.

As I was eating the last chance meal at 11:30 PM  the CFL  in the lamp next to my couch burned out and I had to replace it.  As CFLs typically have a rated service life of 6,000 to 15,000 hours, this is not a common event. We have lived in this house for 17 years and added the lamp sometime after moving in. I have no memory of ever changing this bulb, though it is possible I have in the past so long ago I just can’t remember it.

Later when I woke up at 1:30 low sugar again and realized I had to go to the hospital, on the way in I mentioned to Vidya that the bulb burning out was pretty symbolic. At that point I didn’t realize that when I came home next I would be on dialysis but I had an intimation that things were going to change.

The bulb burning out would later turn out to be one bookend to an eventful week that ended with a special dawn, but I didn’t know that yet.