GANDHI: “Industrialism is, I am afraid, going to be a curse for mankind. Industrialism depends entirely on your capacity to exploit, on foreign markets being open to you, and on the absence of competitors. (Village Swaraj, p. 11)”

PRABHUPADA: “Manufacture of the “necessities of life” in factories and workshops, excessively prominent in the age of Kali, or in the age of the machine, is the summit stage of the quality of darkness. Such manufacturing enterprises by human society are in the mode of darkness because factually there is no necessity for the commodities manufactured…

“Increasing the artificial needs, as is the standard of material civilization, or advancing the economic development of human society, is a sort of engagement in darkness, without knowledge. By such engagement, human energy is spoiled, because human energy is primarily meant for purifying the senses in order to engage them in satisfying the senses of the Supreme Lord.”

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 2: Chapter Five, Text 30: PURPORT

THOMAS MERTON: “Those who seek to build a better world without God are those who, trusting in money, power, technology and organization, deride the spiritual strength of faith and love and fix all their hopes on a huge monolithic society, having a monopoly over all power, all production, and even over the minds of its members. But to alienate the spirit of man by subjecting him to such monstrous indignity is to make injustice and violence inevitable. By such means we may indeed increase economic production but in doing so we will only make the world worse.”

From Disputed Questions by Thomas Merton
(San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, Inc. 1960), page 129.

Gandhi and Sp quotes shamelessly lifted from an article by Hare Krishna dd

Thomas Merton was a Vaisnava who lived as a vegetarian American Cistercian monk, rising daily for Matins, who was on his way to India when he met an untimely end in Thailand.