My witch hazel is blooming. It is late this year because of the long stretch of below average temperatures we had.  Some years it comes out in January in a warm spell, then curls back up until the next warm spell. It practically always blooms in February but not until the last day of the month this year.

“There is parasya saktih, now who can explain how this flower has come into existence? That is same thing. The energy of Krsna is working.

“Just like you want to paint one nice flower, so you have to take the brush and the color and you have to endeavor. Not that automatically coming, this beautiful flower. So how do you think this beautiful flower has come automatically? This is foolishness. There is also the brush, the paint, but it is so perfect that just like you cannot see how the other typewriter is striking. You cannot say it is automatically striking. There is arrangement. But this arrangement you do not understand. Therefore you are foolish, you are thinking that this typewriter is striking automatically. It is not automatically. Here the other typewriter it is stroken and there is electric arrangement and it is striking. So you have to understand like…

“That is sura. And asura, they will say, “No, there is no God. It is taking automatically, it is going on,” This is foolishness. The asura means foolish, first-class foolish, that’s all. Why it has become so? That is explained here. That they do not know how to behave, napi cacarah. Na satyam tesu vidyate, neither they know what is the actual truth. They are defective themself and they are explaining in the defective way that so many rascal chemists they say that the chemical evolution is the cause of life. What is this nonsense? “

Srila Prabhupada  Room Conversation — January 27, 1975, Tokyo