I can still remember the first time I ever heard the George Harrison recording of “My Sweet Lord”. I was hanging out  in Amsterdam for a couple of months. As memory serves me, it was in a kracked house (squatters taking over an abandoned building). Going out from the Dam Square it was after crossing the first canal and then a left and about half way down the block.

Somebody had visited London and came back with a copy before it hit the local stores and we sat in a room and listened to it and it hit me like a wall of ecstatic bricks.

Later at the end of the block and take a right the devotees opened up the first temple in Amsterdam. Before that they had been having Sunday programs in a school building out in the suburbs somewhere. I had first met them at the Cosmos about which enough said and been invited to the program at the school which I had attended.

Decades later I heard a remix version by Nina Hagen and it was almost like hearing it for the first time again.

Here is a laid back cool version of My Sweet Lord:

There are a lot of versions out there. Here is  one from the 1950s:

And from the serendipity side of My Sweet Lord: