Soma and I went over to Pennsylvania yesterday to do an inipi (a purification ceremony, commonly called a sweat lodge) with Yogadev.

Part of the ceremony is gathering wood for the fire to heat the stones.


Yogadev met Radhanath Swami in Athens, Ohio in 1981, early in RS’s preaching career. He used to drive him to various engagements. In 1983 he moved to New Vrindaban and for a while taught physical education and yoga in the gurukula.

He never took formal initiation from the community guru at that time, Kirtanananda Swami, as he said his heart belonged to Radhanath, who was not yet initiating.

He was happy to see Soma, because he said he used to go to the sculpture studio and watch Soma when he was “channeling” (as Soma describes it) Lord Nrsimhadev.


Yogadev was at the installation ceremony in 1986 and helped carry Lord Nrsimhadev from the vehicle He was transported in onto the altar.