3 days a week I have to make the 16.4  mile (26 km) 28 minute drive into Wheeling to do dialysis. To save a few minutes I tend to drive 5 mph (8 km) over the speed limit as my experience is that even 8 mph over the limit law enforcement will give you a pass.

In Sherrard on Route 88 there is a bit of the road where the speed limit is 25 mph. I had just gone thorough the dip in the road and was heading up when here comes a State Trooper. He gave me a hard look and I glanced at my speedometer and saw I was at 33 mph, 8 mph over the limit. I watched him in my rear view mirror and sure enough the first driveway he came to he pulled in and clearly was turning around, waiting for traffic as the road curved and I lost sight of him.

Running a little late and not wanting to go through getting a ticket within a few seconds I was at Route 86 and I turned off onto it. It goes straight for only a few yards then turns and drops down behind a bank.  I hoped I would be out of sight by the time he got there.  Over 95% of the traffic on Route 88 stays on 88 so I hoped he would make the assumption I did too.

There was an anxious moment but in a few hundred yards (meters) I was at the turn off for Boggs Run and headed down there. Boggs Run is parallel to Route 88 so it didn’t add any distance to my journey but is a lot twistier and slower.

I soon realized he hadn’t followed me and I breathed a sigh of relief. I soon felt a pang of guilt as I respect law enforcement and generally am supportive so this wasn’t typical of me and I wouldn’t advise anyone else to do so.  I even have a son who is a policemen in Georgia,  of whom we are very proud, so I do try to see the world through their perspective.

I hadn’t actually heard a siren or seen flashing lights so technically I wasn’t breaking any laws by running.

The guilt was soon replaced by a thrill of adventure. My life is generally quite placid and routine and it has been years since I even had the thrill of competing in a soccer game, so this was quite out of the ordinary for me.  I will say it wasn’t an unwanted thrill that I had pretty much written off I would ever feel in this body again.

Plus it gave me something to write about. :-)