I got a request via Contact Me on this blog for the recipe for oat water so here I am obliging.  I am going to attempt to rebrand it as oat broth.

The basic principle is to use more water that normal and cook it longer

Currently I use old fashioned oats and about 4 times the normal recommended amount of water but you can use more.  We used to cook it for an hour but I am too impatient anymore so stop after 25-30 minutes. The sign when it is cooked enough is you see the  “cream” starting to come out of it and the oats have mostly lost their shape.  If you add enough water it is almost like a drink you can sip instead of  spoon.

I add fresh ginger and cinnamon but you add whatever you want to taste, I like it quite gingery. I usually don’t cook with salt but do lightly salt this as it seems to really bring out the flavor.  A tablespoon of butter per gallon doesn’t hurt it.

I add  a tablespoon or two of plain yogurt  to a bowlful and sweeten to taste with honey or jam.

I make a large batch once and keep it in the refrigerator taking out a daily dose and heating it up. Sometimes I add fresh or dried fruit when reheating it.

You can do the same thing with rolled barley but it takes a little longer to cook.

It is the kind of food that when you eat it you can almost heat your cells screaming, this is so good for me and tastes good to boot.