My hemoglobin is low and I have no help so the spring planting with ISKCON and my garden get all the attention, alas poor blog.

Asparagus is coming in almost three weeks later than last year.  2012 March we had unusually warm weather and asparagus in the first week of April which was early. This year March was well below average and even the first week of April was wintery so the asparagus is later than usual.

The forsythia came in late but now is lingering beautifully as it is now like full blown spring with no frosts to tinge it. The daffodils started late but now the late ones are blooming at the same time as the earliest so that season is compressed.

At dialysis I am riding the bike but while in good energy it is 70 rpm I am lucky to do 50 rpm. They claim they are increasing the hormone to raise the hemoglobin but it takes weeks to resond and the increase three weeks ago clearly wasn’t enough.