They dropped my hemoglobin level and it takes weeks to bring it up again so don’t have the energy to keep up in the garden though have been planting, weeding and working some beds. I guess one thing that was a casualty is writing about what I have been doing.

One big thing that happened is that  my fistua matured enough that they let me take the catheter out of my jugular vein.  While I got used to a tube hanging out of my neck, I don’t miss it. One practical benefit is I can take regular showers again. Before I couldn’t let the dressing get wet which turned showers into a complex dance.

They were using 17 gauge needles until my fistula got stronger and wouldn’t let me use the exercise bike because they were afraid they might blow out but today they finally went to 16 gauge so I was allowed back on.

I set the resistance a little lower and went from 70 to 60 RPM as I wasn’t sure how well I would do but it was OK and I just went longer and still covered 4 miles. Which puts me right in Pittsburgh.

When I took my real trip to Florida I would always stop before any city of any size. I always made sure I could easily make it well past the city and its suburbs by evening. I was mostly camping and felt much safer in the country than in any city and its environs.

In a virtual trip it doesn’t matter I still sleep in my own bed at night.