Whatever the calendar says  experientially 2 days ago Saturday was the first day of spring.

It was the first day since early December where we were able to open the door to the greenhouse and get some passive solar gain. Two feet of gravel and the rammed earth tires usually soak up extra warmth and keep it from freezing all winter but Saturday they couldn’t soak it up fast enough so  we got some gain to use for heating the house. Read about our greenhouse here.

It was also the first day it was easy and obvious to hang my clothes on the outside line. We don’t use a dryer and do use a clothesline. Read why here. In the winter we need the humidity because we heat with wood and that dries the air so it is good to hang clothes inside but when we can hang outside it makes the clothes smell fresher.

The next day Sunday confirmed the arrival of spring because a snowdrop bloomed. Going out to putter around a strong whiff of witch hazel made me stop in my tracks. While it probably bloomed in January and February as we had a few really warm sunny days back then, I had been laid up so this was the first time I had smelled it and it was a real tonic.

It was also a reminder to finish up my winter planning work and get outdoors and do some work in the garden, a welcome diversion.