(From an email I got forwarded by Vishoka)

Blind man commands all inmates of Kali prison, you must all stare into a digital screen at every waking moment of the day. Those who fail to comply will be punished by imprisonment. You must never think for yourself.

At rising from bed, you immediately flick the TV on, what’s the latest disaster or mass killings of Kali?, then you go work, stare at smart phone screen as much as you can, it makes you smart, you have no intelligence of your own. You will think as we command you to. At work stare at computer screen all day, and read those trivial text messages all day too. All conversation around the cooler must be latest gossip on stars, sports, politics, who is having sex with who? Never think of god or morality, that is boring. Never read books, readers are boring nerds, our movies will tell you everything you need to know.

You must all worship the stars of Hollywood, you must meditate on them every minute possible. How is their marriage and sex life? Sex getting dull? There goes the marriage. Who is having affair? Who is gay? You must think of sex all day long, so that we never have to worry about independent thinkers.

Students, you must always text while sitting in class, pretending to listen to the boring teacher, they are paid baby sitters. Who is stealing who’s girlfriend? Who is having sex? Which nerd shall we bully today?

Poem by my good friend, Govardhana das

The Kingdom of the Blind – by Govardhana das

In the kingdom of the blind
the one eyed man is king
that’s the way he wants to keep it
won’t let the seers in

got so many vested interests
has to keep things as they are
never wants to give it up
his need for total power

He’ll put a shadow on you
a tag on everything you have
he keeps his slaves in paranoia
with a remote control
all a part of his passion
to get his clutches on your soul

Although he can barely see
he controls both you and me
because we’re as blind as we can be
without the spirit to set us free

The one eyed man is king
everybody sing
he’s only half aware
and we don’t even care