Why is Feb.15th  Valentine’s Day? See end of article for answer.

We celebrated  Valentine’s Day by visiting a pulmonologist. I had been coughing for over a month with bronchitis and 8 days on amocicillin hadn’t fazed it, what to speak of my days varied between being completely wasted or on a good day being able to sit up for at most 2 hours at a computer. I was getting way behind on all my projects, barely able to do email and an occasional blog post.

He put me on a different antibiotic, prednisone, and a nebulizer which aerosolizes medications to penetrate the lungs. More about all that later but I will say that I have gotten relief from symptoms. At that point in time a 10 foot (3m) walk to the bathroom had me panting.

Afterwards I wanted to take her out for a Valentine’s Day meal so we went to Cheddars.

We have been married rolling up on 38 years and all but 2 of those years were at or below the poverty level, an austerity we chose to perform. We never felt poor because we were really good at it. We heat with wood gathered and split by ourselves so minor cost in chain saw and van gas to cut and haul it but essentially no heating bill.

We bought a house in bad shape, fixed it up and exchanged it for a larger property that had a house in bad shape and fixed that up. We pay insurance and taxes but taxes are cheaper in West Virginia than other places. Laxmi Honest and her husband just moved back to WV because they wanted to retire and they weren’t going to be able to afford the property tax on their house in Florida so they bought in WV and have less to pay. She wanted to move back to New Vrindaban in any case and that may have just been an excuse.

We don’t take airplane vacations or travel much at all. In New Vrindaban the world comes to us as it is a tourist attraction. We don’t have cable TV which is a significant savings every month. I did break down and got satellite internet.

For food we grow a significant part of our own food, belong to a buyers group that has a cumulative order large enough to get free delivery from Frankferd Farms where we can buy our organic split mung dahl which is something I eat regularly but is not available locally and can buy organic foods at case prices. We regularly check out Big Lots which has a food section. I try to buy my junk food off their Clearance shelf but their prices in general are below the super market’s. Occasionally you find a gem like yesterday there was Heinz Organic  Ketsup and 8 bottles so I bought them all and put the extras in my root cellar. So while we do still buy some stuff from super markets, we tend to go after the loss leaders, things on sale, and few other things.

Point of all that is we usually don’t eat in restaurants unless we have to but made an exception for Valentine’s Day.

When my son Marken  graduated from WVU, he had some obligations that kept him in Morgantown for a while so he got a short term job at Cheddars. He started as a dishwasher and quickly moved up  the ladder to bus boy and ended at wraps and salads.

The best story he told from then was when he was a dishwasher the bus boys were supposed to do some prep work before they brought the dishes to him but they wouldn’t and left him more work. One day the other dishwasher didn’t show so his boss stepped into the position. When the busboys failed to bring the dishes properly his boss would spray them with the water hose, much to the delight of Marken.

We were in Morgantown once and needed to eat out so we decided to go to Cheddars, eat, and say hi to Marken but when we got there it was a long line and you had to get a beeper to tell you when a table was ready. Which we decided to punt on because we weren’t that into it.

Still, we had had the desire so went there for Valentine’s Day. It is not usually the kind of place we go because it has a menu heavy with meat but we did find some things to eat, especially on the sides menu. It was busy but no line and had a nice ambiance. Even a vegan could have found something because they had a vegetable platter with salad, some sort of bread and your choice of 4 sides which included the broccoli Vidya got as part of her order.

I had a spaghetti and cheese dish that didn’t come sprawling all over my plate but like a neat upside down bowl shape with ricotta mixed in and mozzarella melted on top with choice of alfredo or marina sauce. I went marinara because I had been a vegan for the last month. It was baked.

Whenever I get any respiratory distress I fast from dairy because despite being full blooded Norwegian and Scandinavians being the most lactose tolerant people on earth, when I get sick milk = mucous.

I used to get hay fever really bad. I would be tearing up so much I couldn’t drive and staying up all night sneezing and dealing with a flood of mucous. I would fast from dairy  and take nettles and it would clear right up.

After I got my liver transplant I had to take Prograf, an immune suppressing  drug to prevent rejection which has worked exceptionally well, as a liver biopsy I had last summer showed no signs of chronic rejection. While I have met a woman who got a liver transplnt 15 years ago, for me it hasn’t worked as well. Known side effects from Prograf are  high blood pressure, diabetes and it is in and of itself nephrotoxic, destroyer of kidney cells. I have no family  history of diabetes so it is the Prograf that caused and diabetes is also harsh on kidneys. Add in Hepatitis C which I failed interferon based treatment twice for and it also is a cause of renal disease and I am doing dialysis 3 times a week.

On the plus side I don’t get hay fever anymore, as it is an over response by the immune system and as Prograf suppresses the immune system no more symptoms.

So I ate my spaghetti and cheese fully expected a mucous storm as I still have the full blown bronchitits but curiously it didn’t happen and no mucous followed.

The really pleasant surprise was they had edamame, boiled green soybeans. We eat it regularly but in the inter we only have it frozen from our garden.  It is good but frozen is never as good as fresh and this was fresh. They also had alittle cup with soy sauce in it and a little plate with a mix of spices on it. They boil edamame in the pod and you take the soybeans our with your teeth as you eat it. The idea was to dip the pod in the soy sauce then teh spices before putting in youe mouth and it came off with beans.

We could identify ginger and salt but we even took it to master chef Sudhanu and he couldn’t tell what the rest were but it was quite good.

Why is Feb. 15th Valentine’s Day?

“What is not exactly known why the 14th of February is known as Valentine’s Day or if the noble Valentine really had any relation to this day.”… Saint Valentine.

So why be attached to some specific day? So bearing in mind the previous discussion about being good at being poor why would we celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 15th?
Because everything is 50% off!