Vidya and I had an unusual experience tonight.

We were driving to the temple for the Lord Nityananda’s Appearance Day festival.   As we were approaching the temple in the dark on the road any pilgrim or visitor would have been driving on, she joked,”It would be funny to rent an Abominable  Snowman costume and run across the road in front of visitors.”

Almost instantaneously with the end of her sentence a Great Horned Owl glided across the road right in front of us at headlight level.


Put this in perspective — I have never seen that happen ever before. I have had a great horned owl glide by me in the dark close enough to hear its feathers, and owls have softer  feathers than other raptors  so they can’t be heard in the dark,  and occasionally have seen owls, but sighting great horned owl has been practically a once in a decade event, other then seeing them perched in trees during the day. It is more common to hear them or other owls calling at night.

So we were both practically stunned and amazed and came to the conclusion don’t joke about yetis.

BTW I was trying to find a photo of an owl flying from the side like we saw it but it was really hard. Mostly there are sitting photos and the few flying ones were head on