Bhokta ran a monthly online haiku contest I would enter as often as I could. Here are some of my 2012 entries.  One of the themes for December was “Departing” in his honor and the last one herein was written with that in mind.

reds in the viburnum
cardinals await their turn
sunflower feeder

a turtle crawls
across the sky

witch hazel
aconite snowdrops crocus
he plants spinach

hard to imagine
this calm dawn with wren warble
is a dream

drought shriveled tomatoes
promise sweet grapes

orange flickers
on the bottom of grey clouds
a gas well is flared

late season crickets
join the chorus so sweetly
tears well

river bottom mist
newly naked trees don
a coat of ice

as days shorten
the laundry basket
fills faster

tap at the window
a reminder to restock
sunflower feeder

as eyes adjust
to snow blindness
sundogs appear

in his death throes
escaping like a butterfly
from its chrysalis