I have been using the exercise bike at dialysis. Once they let me start using it, which wasn’t for the first couple of months until they saw how I would react to dialysis, I was adding 5 minutes a week.

When I got to 25 minutes, I started adding more resistance.  So it took a while to get here, but currently I estimate that in the 25 minutes I cover 4.5 miles.

I am using as a baseline that when I biked from Grand Forks ND to Daytona Beach FL,   covering 15 miles (24 K) in an hour was routine.  4.5 miles in 25 minutes = about 11 miles (17 K) an hour.  While I feel that it is possible to increase, at this point it is a struggle and 15 mph may not be  achievable.

So far I have covered 39.5 miles, about 64 K. From my house to Wheeling is 14 miles,  Wheeling to Weirton is 29 miles so 43 total.  When I finish today’s session I will have made it the equivalent of through Weirton, 44 miles.

It is 39 miles (63 K)  to Pittsburgh then 325 miles (523 K) to Washington DC from Pittsburgh along the Great Allegheny Passage, the DC to Pittsburgh bike trail.  That is 407 miles (655 K).

DC to Daytona Beach Florida is another 807 miles (1298 K) from there making a total trip of 1214 miles (1953 K).

Since Limestone WV where New Vrindaban is is only 913 miles from Daytona Beach where go North first out of the way?

When I went Grand forks to Daytona Beach I looked at the map and saw that if I took the hypotenuse it looked a lot shorter. While I had knowledge of what mountains were, I didn’t have realization, which was acquired as I went up and down every seemingly east /west running ridge and mountain chain as I was heading south.

I realized later that had I simply gone straight south to Texas then took a left while the mileage would have been greater the expended energy would have been less.

Our neighbors’ son Sid is an avid biker living in Pittsburgh. He biked The Great Allegheny Passage and said as it follows an old rail line and then a canal path, it has very little hill climbing in it.  Cuts and fill as well as lots of tunnels smooth out the mountains.

It also means a large part of the journey not risking my life in traffic hugging a white line while cars and trucks whiz by.  Academically speaking of course, since is t is all in my mind.

Once to DC it’s follow the coastline which is  more or less flat.

Will all this flatness make up 300 miles (482 K) added to the distance? That might be  marginal to obtain but climbing hills is hard work and even if slightly longer timewise more doable at my age and with my health status.  So it will be more enjoyable.

At 4.5 miles per session that is 27o sessions which at 3 sessions a week is 90 weeks which is over a year and 3/4.     Assuming I can keep the pace and not get any sicker than I already am.

So see you in Daytona Beach end of September 2014! If I can get up to 5 miles a session, maybe I can make it for Labor Day. :-)