Last week there was the Geminid meter shower.  It was an uncloudy night in New Vrindaban which, though not rare, can be welcomed when there is an astronomical event so I went outside to watch for a while.

Fortunately I live where there are no street lights so I didn’t have light pollution to deal with and didn’t have to travel to get to a dark space to watch it from. While it was below freezing, I bundled up warmly and wrapped myself in a fleece blanket so there was no physical discomfort.

I watched for about 20 minutes, very much of a meditation.When you can at will move from a dark place into a lit place like a mall, tavern, or other gathering place, and when ever you walk into a room you can instantly “Let there be light” by flicking a switch it is easy to fall into the illusion that you are the controller.

Sitting in the dark waiting for meteors when no matter what you do or think the next meteor falls when it falls, it is very much of a “Be still and know that I am God”  experience.

I remembered when my youngest boys were still kids sitting out with them and watching a meteor shower. I also remembered as a  kid in North Dakota being out for any number of reasons and seeing meteors. It wasn’t that uncommon to see them.

While the meteor showers mean practically a sure shot at seeing some meteors, and I saw 10 or more in about 20 minutes,  they do occur at any time of year.  Mostly they are unseen because they are merely a quick flash in usually light polluted skies hence unseen.

With all the airborne particulate that exists in modern industrial skies, even if you happened to be where it is dark you may not see them because they are obscured by particulates.

When I was a youth I used to spend a lot of time outdoors at night. Now I am weak and mostly evenings are indoors, so getting out to see the meteor shower was a treat though it is something that that is available for any one any time if you simply spend the time and lift your eyes to the heavens.