Grieving manifests differently. Yesterday evening, after absorbing the horrific news that 20 children my youngest granddaughter’s age had been slaughtered it took the form of listening to country western music while I was working at my computer.

I grew up listening to country like Buck Owns and Patsy Cline but lost interest in it as my musical taste matured and it become mostly derivative and contaminated by rock and roll.

Still last night it resonated with me and I listened to it for a couple of hours.  That may do me for the next decade but it was comforting to hear as a lot of it is about heart break.

What do you get if you play a country song backwards?  You get your girl back, your truck back and your dog back. :-)

After laying down I watched a PBS special which was a live concert in a small club where the Rolling Stones were jamming with Muddy Waters playing his songs in  a small club in 1981. Later, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells and Lefty Dizz also played.

Back before I got religion I used to self medicate listening to the blues. While I preferred the Delta blues singers, I didn’t mind Chicago Blues so this worked for me in a punch.

When I drive into dialysis my music of choice is nonBaroque classical music and I am unlikely to take up listening to the blues and country again but it worked for one night.

If I want more sad music I can always fall back onto my collecti0n of requiem masses, the only music I have actually purchased over the last decade or so.