So I have been adapting to doing dialysis.  While the one hour round trip commute is a dead loss of time,  I am using the 4 hours sitting in a recliner while hooked up to the machine.

I exhaust myself in the morning, leaving just enough energy in my tank to drive to the dialysis center without becoming a danger to other users of the roads.  Once hooked up I promptly take a nap, something I would have done in any case even on days not at the center.  That takes up an hour to an hour and a half.

I have been doing some yoga so I have been stretching and holding for a while and that takes up another half an hour.  There is actually  quite a wide range of positions one can do while sitting in a recliner with the foot rest up all the way. For example, I keep my shoulders flat against the back then cross one leg over and let it dangle over the edge while extending that side arm backwards.  That gives the spine a pretty good twist.  Stretch the neck, feet, eyes, pull my ankle under pelvis and the forward bend and when I am done I can feel the blood circulating in my toes.

When I still played soccer I had a whole yoga routine I stretched out with before games but that has fallen into  disuse and I know that stretching is good for you so now I don’t have any excuses not to do it.

The center has wi fi which was a new experience for me, I had never used it before. ECOV , the nonprofit I do a  lot of pro bono work for,  bought me a laptop so I can work while there. I have found that being in a room with fluorescent lights and lots of other patients and nurses coming and going isn’t conducive to creative work but so mush of what I do on the internet is just routine stuff like 90 % of email so I can get that all out of the way.  It is easy to spend a couple of hours on the internet and I often find myself feeling like I run out of time before I run out of things to do.

They have cable TV there which we don’t have at home so I could delve into that but to date have not felt bored enough to do do.

Regular readers will know that I once took a solo bike trip from Grand Forks, North Dakota to Daytona Beach,  Florida, a 2000 mile trip that lasted 30 days.  When I heard that I could use an exercise bike while at the dialysis center I immediately asked to do so. I figured I would try to bike the equivalent from Wheeling to Daytona Beach.

I was initially told to wait until I had been on dialysis for a month so they could see how I would react so once there that long I started.

The first week I only pedaled 5 minutes, this at the suggestion of the exercise therapist assigned to the center.   I had them check  my blood pressure before and after using it.

They typically pull 4-5 kilos (9 to 11 lbs) of fluid off me in a session.   As a result blood pressure drops and as the exercise also drops blood pressure it has to be monitored.

The first week was fine and the second week I went to 10 minutes, also fine.

The third week I went to 15 minutes but couldn’t go one day because when I dropped my feet lowering the recliner, I got light headed and my blood pressure was already too low so I had to skip that day.

Yesterday I went to 20 minutes and by the time I finished I was light headed and blood pressure had dropped into the 90s, too low. They had to stop pulling fluid off me and even temporarily add some back in which resulted in by the end of the session I hadn’t pulled enough fluid off me to get to the dry weight target.

I will try again Wednesday but if the same result then either have to be content to stay at 15 minutes for the time being or follow their suggestion of doing the bike when I first arrive  before taking my nap, and I confess to being attached to the nap at that time.

Their point is the least fluid has been pulled at that beginning and  blood pressure is highest.

My goal had been to work up to 25 minutes. Once at that time, then start adding resistance to the bike.

I was told that 670  reps is a mile (1.6 K). At the rate of  67 reps per minute, a comfortable biking rate, that means 10 minutes is a mile, 6 miles (9.7 K)  an hour.  On my bike trip I would typically cover 15 miles in an hour then take a rest, so 6 mph seems low but that has to do with resistance in my mind so as I increase the resistance I will increase the mileage.

For now, at 670 = 1 mile so so far I have  pedaled a total of 10.5 miles and as Daytona Beach is 929 miles from Wheeling I have 918.5   miles (1478  K) to go.