We recently bought a Kia Soul. Although I loved our 1990 Toyota Corolla and would have drove it forever, it did require some nurturing to keep it going and as we moved into a phase of my life where dependable transportation was a must, Vidya lacked confidence I would be able to keep it running reliably. We were trying to get on the transplant list and if they call you need to be there NOW or lose your spot to the back up they also call.  With dialysis it is dialysize or die so car problems aren’t an option.

We shopped around for a used late model Honda or Toyota, but found the Kia Soul new was the same price as one of them with 30,000 miles on it. We also liked it because it seemed to have the most interior space of any car getting 35 mpg highway.  Hybrids were out of our price range.

Vidya does craft shows so you can get a surprising amount of stuff inside it, both going to shows or picking up supplies.  As a matter of fact today I put an 8′ 2″x4″ (2.4 m) piece of treated lumber inside it and was able to close the hatchback.

I was in town to do pre-op for getting a fistula put in tomorrow and I needed a the piece of lumber for a project.

We have a bunch of greenhouse tables built of treated lumber and hardware cloth. In the greenhouse they were recycled from, they were screwed to a support structure so they had no bracing when we got them. Many of them I did put in the bracing but one we hadn’t. Vidya uses it to cure green gourds on we buy on contract from an Amish guy about an hour from here.

They won’t be cured for using until next spring and they do dry faster if off the ground.  We had a few bags deep on this table and it collapsed, lacking bracing. I have some old pieces laying around to brace it but not enough so I had to buy one.

It was real convenient to be able to fit it in the car and close the hatch. In the Corolla I would have had to have it sticking out an open window (we had the rear seat unhooked and easily removed so an 8’er would go from the trunk through the passenger window).

After we bought the Soul, several people commented to us that we had bought the hamster car. At first we had no idea what they were talking about but then they said, from the commercials, which we did eventually see some and there is a whole series of them.

Recently Vidya saw an advertisement from the local Kia dealer that the hamsters were going to be at the dealership.  That was too much fun so she went and got some pictures taken with them.

(They were some local college kids in costume.)