On PBS there is a show called Market Warriors. The premise is that 4 antique dealers go into an upscale flea market and have a budget to spend and parameters to follow, like say get something cast iron, or early 20th century painting or other limiting factor.   They buy whatever and  what they bought is sold at auction. The differential between what they spent and what it sells for is their score.  Negative scores aren’t uncommon.

I have a hobby of yard saleing and going to flea markets.  It is not that we need so much anymore with all the kids grown up and gone, but it is the thrill of the hunt.

Some things I do look for like next spring we are going to do a workshop on how to build earth sheltered housing using tires for the retaining walls so we are going to have a large number of hands on participants. For each pair of participants we will need a sledge hammer to ram the earth into the tires so I have been buying any sledge hammer I find for $5 or less. A 10 pound sledge at Sears ranges from $30 to $65.

We go through silverware for some reason and replenish it at $.10 @ at flea markets when needed.  So when I saw this at $5. I first thought it was a mistake.

That is just what it looks like, gold plated silverware.  A couple of pieces missing but 50 in all matched and another 6 teaspoons, still new in the cellophane, that almost match.  Plus 4 matching gold plated napkin rings.

I showed it to Marty who besides being a published author of children’s books, buys and sells household stuff to supplement his living and he said he had recently bought a similar set for $35 and sold it for $70.

Gosh Market Warrior score




BTW, if anyone wants a gold spoon for their Deities, I will send you one, just let me know.

This probably made my top 10 list of best deals at a flea market, a Balarama mrdanga for $7  also being on that list.