Cows are beautiful gentle creatures meant to live in a symbiotic relationship with man.  Not meant to be exploited simply to satisfy man’s tongue. The cow gives milk which makes her your mother.  The bull pulls the plow which, before the skewing effects of  exploitation of the earth  for fossil fuels, made him your father.

Now instead of being honored like your father and mother, the cow is simply treated as an asset meant for return on investment.   Commercials of how happy California cows are on TV asidewatch?v=5KaltD0Z6ww&feature=youtube_gdata_player, the harsh reality is that cows are born, raised, produce and die without ever leaving concrete.

If you are drinking industrial milk, if you don’t know the name of the cow whose milk you are drinking, it most likely came from here.

Organic milk might seem to be an alternative but most of it is produced on feedlots just like regular milk.

How can cows be respected? At least let them out on pasture now and then.  Do they like being on pasture?