I finally heard back from the kidney transplant evaluation team and they said no kidney for Gosh. The portal pressure is too high in my liver and that means it is less likely to be successful.

Which doesn’t say it won’t be successful, just less likely and with a shortage of kidneys available they are sparing with who they will give them out to, preserving them for the most likely to be successful candidates.

So if you haven’t registered to be a donor, you have contributed to my denial.

Not too late to register. You can go to the CORE (Center for Organ Recovery and Education) and register online.

Also, apparently there is a way to do it on Facebook .

Virtual donor: Facebook promotes the cause of organ transplants

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/opinion/editorials/virtual-donor-facebook-promotes-the-cause-of-organ-transplants-634564/#ixzz2BG4d6zNt

“A new feature on the social networking site Facebook offers an alternative. On Tuesday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced an update that allows users to declare their status as organ donors, much as they notify their 16 or 16 million closest “friends” about other news in their lives. They can ponder their choices in the privacy of their homes, offices or anywhere their mobile apps allow, and they can research the issue on the Internet at the same time.

“Making a declaration on Facebook does not officially register a person who has not already done so, but it does provide a link that directs users to the appropriate place to complete that process. The notification also could be helpful in instances where family members do not know the wishes of a loved one.”

Though truth be told when I went to Facebook to see how to do this I couldn’t figure out how. Granted, I don’t regularly use Facebook but I tried looking in Account Settings and in Likes and didn’t see anything close to mentioning organ transplants. If someone can figure out how to do it, please advise.

Update:  thanks to Starhawk Laughingsun

Go to your  FB profile not your homepage with all the posts from your friends but the page your friends would see if they click your icon, then:

Click Life Event at the top of your timeline
Select Health & Wellness
Select Organ Donor
Select your audience and click Save