This is my 2000th post to this blog. I started in July, 2005. Here was my first post:

Look Me in The Eye And Say That

There are some earlier dated posts but those are some poems I posted retroactively.

I started it in the beginning of a year I spent dying on my couch because I had End Stage Liver Disease.  Assuming I wasn’t going to be around much longer, I wanted to leave something for my grandchildren to remember me by. It turned out a year later I got a liver transplant so here I still am.

I post things that interest me, like environmental news that is completely ignored by mainstream media.  I also post a lot of poetry, figuring that when my grandchildren reach adulthood, they may get a glimpse of what I cared about by the choices of poems I made.   BTW, I consistently get the most “Likes”  for the poetry, nearly every one gets at least one “Like”.

Plus Jokes, the material world is too miserable a place not to have sense of humor.

I try to do a wide range of topics and I have a lot of posts that consistently draw search results. The current top post getting referrals is:

Facebook Group Dedicated to Oxen

Naturally, what I post is a highly filtered view of my slice of the world, not including negative things and excluding most of the whining I do on a routine basis. And, God forbid, no politics.

It does seem like I will be continuing for a while though 3,000 seems way too optimistic to consider at this point.