I had previously posted that I was having to leave a quart of blood (900 ml) a week during dialysis. That is NOT correct.  The question I had asked was,

“How much blood gets left in the machine each time?”

What the nurse heard was,

“How much blood is in the machine during dialysis?”

300 ml is how much is being circulated out of my body at any one time, in the tubing and the filter.  I watched when they unhooked this time and noted that they run a, what I guess is, saline solution through everything and it is diluted to pink by the time they unhook. So I asked the question again and got the correct context for the 300 ml.

I learned a couple of other things as well.

While my kidneys no longer are capable of supporting life, they are still functioning and do contribute.  For example, one function of the kidneys is filtering urine out of the blood and putting it in the bladder.  I still am passing some urine.  As the kidneys worsen, at some point I will stop passing urine altogether.

That happened to Srila Prabhupada as he was dying from kidney disease.  While he was in London he stopped passing urine and had to have an operation. They wanted to keep him there and said he shouldn’t travel but once he had the operation he took off for Vrindaban because he wanted to leave his body there.

Another thing I found out about kidneys is that they take Vitamin D and convert it into an active form that the body can use.  That is still happening for me but as they lose more function they will have to supplement it through my IV.

Each time they have taken a little more fluid out than I had gained between treatments.  Over the weekend with an extra day between dialysis, I had gained 8 pounds (3.6 kg) but they took out 10 (4.5) so I am now down to 150 lbs. (68 kg).

And there will be more yet. My weight in high school was 148 so I am getting back to that.