I was driving someone back to the temple last night when I got flagged down by a young man who was a pedestrian on the road. He had just been an eye witness of a horrible event.

New Vrindaban has peacocks that wander about the grounds freely.  Their territory does include the State road that passes through New Vrindaban. As this young man was walking up the road he saw three pickup trucks, two with ATVs in the back, stop near a peacock.  The driver in the lead vehicle lured  a peacock into the road with food and then in a coordinated attack a following vehicle  pulled out and sped forward, hitting the peacock.

How mean spirited and low lifed do you have to be to do such a thing?   To deliberately hit a being of such beauty?  Safe to assume they are meat eaters, but that is pretty dis-compassionate even for a meat eater.

It really disturbed me.  How disappointing of humanity that such dregs are allowed to walk around.  In my younger days the rage would have been hard to contain, and good thing I wasn’t there when it happened as I may have inserted myself into the situation in a way that might have been hazardous to my health.

The peacock did walk away from the scene and I called Raghu who came and checked it out. He said that externally it was ruffled but seemed okay so at least there is no mourning to do.

I am glad I know a lot of  good people who do good things because otherwise an event  like that  would be way too depressing.