I was chanting japa in the dark of the night the other day and I heard coyotes howling in the distance. While it isn’t rare to hear them it is uncommon as they tend to be quite discreet. They can be known to be active in that there are less ground hogs this year than previous years and that is probably attributable to them.

They also eat cats. We had one cat who abruptly disappeared, no trace. If he had been hit by a car we would have seen a body on the roadway but one day he just wasn’t there.

We have two cats now, one who is too dumb to figure out how to use the cat door so she is always safe in the house at night, but James is free to go in and out even at night.

The thought was that even if it put his life in danger being out at night, let him live free.

James came to us from Georgia. One day my son Madhu found him as a kitten crawled up into his motor at night for warmth. They kept him but it was a problem as he had issues with their two existing cats.

James was constantly peeing, staking out his territory so they had to keep him locked up in the laundry room. He loved going outside so they would let him out a few hours a day but mostly had to keep him confined.

Eventually they realized this wasn’t working so took him to the animal shelter. Two hours later they couldn’t stand it so went and got him back. While I am not a cat person, Madhu knew my wife is and played on her sympathies and secured her permission to bring him here.

So Madhu drove James up here from Georgia and dropped him off.

James loves it here and is a voracious hunter, he will bring in multiple rodents a day some days. Even our neighbor said that lately James has been hanging out at their place and since he started, they noticed they have less mice.

Madhu was part of the decision to let him wander at night, despite the danger from coyotes. Let him take the risk and have his freedom, but he has survived for several years now and my bet is he is wily enough to survive several more.