This will be more appreciated by farmers but it might have some universal appeal.

New Vrindaban has a large tractor, a Deutz 140,  that is more than 25 years old. We originally got into the Deutz line of tractors because they have air cooled engines which means they can run at a higher temperature than a water cooled engine.  As diesel engines combust using heat and compression,  the higher temperature engine burns the fuel more efficiently and you get more hours per gallon of diesel than conventional engines. For you gas engine people that would mean like more miles per gallon.

The PTO doesn’t work on the 140  anymore but it still works for draft purposes. It is the tractor used by Yudhistre to bring in the firewood that heats the temple in the winter.

Recently it blew a cylinder. A unique feature of the older Deutz engines is that you can rebuild one cylinder at a time, you don’t have to tear apart the whole engine.  As Ranaka was ordering the parts to fix it, he got into a conversation with the seller about old Deutzs and how reliable they were. This guy spends full time rebuilding and refurbishing Deutzs.

He told an amazing story.   There was an 85 Deutz parked outside a barn. The barn started on fire and was a terrifically hot blaze as barn fires can be. The heat melted the wiring on the 85 and a short caused the tractor to  start itself. It had been left in reverse when parked so it backed away from the fire.

The fire department was there and had to jump on it to stop it.

The tractor was brought to the refurbish-er. It needed to be rewired and repainted but the guy said anytime that something wanted to live that bad it deserved to be rebuilt.