When I was in North Dakota I went on the “crop tour” with my brother. Once a week he drives around and looks at all of his crops. He plants in about 6 different locations so in a week he may be working at some locations but not others so he makes sure to see everything at least once.

He plants 200 (80 ha) acres of pinto beans, 600 (240 ha) acres of soybeans, and 1200 (480 ha) acres of wheat.  As we drove around he gave me the background on what is going on in contemporary agriculture and how it has changed since I moved from North Dakota.

One farm he cultivates is next to a farm once owned by Sinclair Lewis. Sinclair Lewis was the first American to win the Nobel prize in literature. He also won a Pulitser prize, though he refused it.

My grandfather immigrated to ND from Norway as a young man. He got into construction to make money until he made enough to buy some land and got into farming.

Sinclair Lewis hired him to build a house for the caretaker of the land he owned and after  my grandfather died and they were cleaning his stuff out of his house, my brother found all the correspondence and receipts related to the project and gave it to the current owner of the house, who was quite pleased to get it.