The night before the wedding we went to the Groom’s Dinner with about 60 people. After eating there was a series of activities, including one where everyone introduced themselves, relationship to the couple, where they were from and a story or thought.

My sons Madhu, Marken and Tulasi were also there. Madhu brought his 12 year old daughter. She got bored.

The tables were decorated with some loose little foil hearts scattered where your plate would eventually be. There was individually wrapped packets of butter in a bowl. Dessert was cake pops — looked like tootsie roll pops but made out of frosted cake.

Using what was at hand (pulling the sticks out of the cake pops) she made the following art piece:

When I saw what she was doing I gave her my hearts as well, as did her uncles.  I was so proud of her I had to bring other guests over to show them once the formal part of the evening ended.

She gets that creativity from my wife who is a gourd crafter and artist.  My side of the family does have some rhythm and can be musicians and dancers but not a lot of artists.