On the leg of my flight from Pittsburgh to Chicago I ended up sitting next to a young Marine. He is finished with his first stages of training and preparing to go to his MOS school to be a radioman. He was returning to his training from a family funeral.

That evening after arriving in Fargo my sister drove me out  to visit my aunt and uncle. He lives in an assisted living facility and she visits him daily. They have been married for 62 years.  He also was a Marine, albeit in World War 2.

It was the like seeing  the samsara diorama  in real life, one at the beginning of his life as a Marine, the other at the end.

One point my uncle was stressing was that as a way to live a life, treat people well and develop good relationships, that was the most important thing in life that makes it worthwhile. Which is  a conclusion that supports the practice of bhakti yoga which is the yoga of love, the yoga of relationships, understanding that we are all part and parcel of Krishna.