I am off to North Dakota to attend my nephew’s wedding.  This may be the last chance I have to travel before I go on dialysis or get on the kidney transplant list — it’s not that you can’t after but it gets more complicated plus I may not have the requisite energy to do the physical part of traveling.

My garden is mostly caught up so should be fine while I am gone.  The strawberries are about finished so I didn’t miss any of that season. Some of the berries are weedy but the veggie part is up to speed and I have been mulching berry beds with lawn clippings so making progress on getting them contained.  I have felt the need to water the new plantings of perennials and blueberries as it has been dry.    The bigger plantings at the Garden of Seven Gates have also been watered.

Black currants are ripe now but they aren’t for fresh eating in any case, more for sauces and jams.  This is the third year they are coming in and last year I made up a bunch of jam I still have left over so don’t have an urgent need to make more.   I don’t know how well they will hang on the bush until I get back so I told a woman of Slavic origins (where black currants are better appreciated) that she could pick my bush if she wants so they won’t get wasted.

I got all the plants that insects bother (potatoes, cucurbits and brassicas) sprayed with Pyganic, an organic insecticide,  and covered with floating row cover so they should be fine. The Pyganic is a knock down with little residual effect but the floating row cover is a physical barrier to prevent reinfestation. It will have to be removed for pollination of the vine crops but the squash bug is worst in the earliest part of the season so will protect it until then.

Green beans are finally blooming and tomatoes are forming. The peppers started blooming yesterday too so lots to look forward to when I get back.