The basic religious expression of the Hare Krishna movement is chanting, dancing, and feasting.  Celibacy is part of the minor cultural practice. It used to be that at the Vrindaban farm in New Vrindaban brahmacaries lived, celibate students.

I spent a year living there but even after getting married continued to spend one night a week there for years.  The brahmacaries lived in Vrindaban but worked other places, either crossing the valley by foot to the Palace construction site or walked to Bahulaban.   Bahulaban was two miles away so that meant 4 miles of walking per day plus whatever work and in most cases that involved physical exertion.

The upshot was that the 30 or so mostly young men were physically fit so when the dancing that was part of the daily religious practice ensued, it was vigorous. While dancing is by nature cooperative in nature, it was inspiring to be dancing with others and a bit competitive.   Constant practice and desire to improve made for some good dancers, always seeking better and smoother moves.

We had great kirtan leaders and none of this sit on the floor stuff that passes for kirtan today s0 the leaders actively danced.  While many of the names would be obscure, like Amburish and Taru, well known to current devotees is Radhanath, then a brahmacari. He was young and healthy and led then as now great kirtans.

When you spend hundreds of hours in kirtan with the same leader, after a while you can sense intuitively when the segues are coming, and a zen sort of oneness with the kirtan manifests. Last night’s dream was there.

While many of the moves I used to execute are relegated to memory, last night I had a vivid dream of being in a Vrindaban kirtan.  Much better than a memory, it was almost like being there again. Radhanath was leading the kirtan.

While now I can still  do  aerial 360s down beat to down beat, in my dream I was doing   540s and sticking it on the beat so I knew I had to be dreaming.

It was like a nice vacation from my current poor health and while not unhappy to awaken from it, there was a bit of wistfulness to leave the dream.