Anyone wondering why I haven’t responded to an email in 3 days it is because of bizarre circumstances.  Every time I try to go to Gmail  I get a error message “The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.. .” This happens occasionally with satellite connection which is the only option available to us out in the sticks types not near a cable line or so far out on copper phone lines that DSL doesn’t work. Normally I try again and succeed. Not recently. Multiple attempts successively fail.

In this case I am still able to access any other site on the web, just no Google product sites.

I have cleared the Temporary Internet Files folder and deleted cookies then done a hard reboot and no success. I tried doing the above again then using a different browser. I normally use Firefox  so tried IE and same result except it showed an error message from HughesNet. It had a little diagnostic procedure that failed but left me with a phone number and an error code to call in.

I spent a half an hour on the phone with a polite Indian gentleman and tried numerous things, many of which I had already done on my own. He was unable to resolve it but did say he was going to “escalate” the case and someone would be calling me back in 24-48 hours.

In the mean  time I was at the temple yesterday and someone let me check access there and I could indeed get into my account from that location (the temple has a T-1 line).  Unfortunately I was in the middle of a work flow with another devotee involved and couldn’t spent any time reviewing the messges.

While correlation is not necessarily causation, this did start at the same time I signed up for iGoogle — since then I can’t access Google products. Not even the search page.

I didn’t even want to sign up for iGoogle but I was working on a project with someone online and it arose that I needed to download an album from Picasa but to do so I had to register for it. The only way to do that turned out to be to register for iGoogle so I sort of accidentally got roped into doing so.

I thought if I got shed of iGoogle, I might be OK. Unfortunately all the instructions on how to delete iGoogle involve signing in and I was unable to do so.

My daughter Vraja happened to call while I was beating my head against the wall on this issue, so she agreed to access my Google account.  It took a while because I assume that what iGoogle did was email me a password, which because I couldn’t access my email I never got.

It was able to tell that the location being logged into from wasn’t my home and asked for my phone number to verify it was me which didn’t help because I had never finished the registration process having never gotten the password.  This stumped us for  awhile until it asked a security question which I did know the answer to.

Unfortunately none of the instructions we found on several different websites worked. It said get to My Products, click on Edit next to iGoogle, and then Delete. When we went to delete however, it kept talking about deleting Gmail as well which I did NOT want to do.  We were able to switch the Search page to Classic which in theory disables iGoogle, but after emptying the stash, deleting cookies, and rebooting, same result: no access to Gmail.

Today I have made arrangements to met someone at the temple who will let me work on their laptop so I may be able to make a dent in the backlog but in any case don’t be offended if you aren’t getting an expected reply from me.