Good news yesterday when I went to my kidney doctor. Turns out while my kidney function is down to about 20%, it may not be the main reason for my recent bout with hyperkalemia. (dangerously high level of potassium)

Another very possible cause may be Lisinipril, a medication I was taking .  It sometimes contributes to potassium accumulation. While on its own it is fine, coupled with the potassium sparing effects of Prograf, the rejection suppression medicine I must take, it can be too much.

This is good news because it is another plausible cause for the huyperkalemia and by switching medications may resolve the issue. The alternative is that if  it is kidney dysfunction and I would have to restrict dietary intake of potassium, that  over-simplistically means no more fruits and vegetables for moi. Not a pleasant prospect.

It did come up that at some point, maybe months, maybe as long as a year, I will have to get on dialysis,  a machine that mechanically cleans the blood when the kidneys can’t anymore. I have agreed to go to dialysis orientation classes  even though I am not convinced I will go that route.  The alternative being letting nature take its course and getting a whole body transplant. I do, after all, believe in reincarnation.

During the discussion, it came up that a patient on dialysis one day ate two whole watermelons and died of heart failure. Watermelons being high in potassium and hyperkalemia can result in heart failure.

Not the worst way to go. :-)