Wave after wave,
toppling him over,
waiting for the next.
Oh, sage crab
how you have inspired me.
Krishna tvadiya-pada-pankaja-panjarantam.
Let me leave now
while I can still think of You,
Oh my Lord,
let my mind become
entrapped in the stems
of your lotus feet.

Noticeably weaker,
old crab finding it harder and harder to reset,
struggling to ready for the next wave.
Gulls flying over head,
afraid to come near,
knowing also what is about to happen.

Chanting in compassion,
In awe
In amazement!
Let his journey be a successful one!
Oh Lord!
You have somehow brought us together,
for him to hear
for me to learn.
Valuable lessons,
never to be forgotten.
We will all leave this crustacean
of a body,
let it be willingly,
like this sage.
Oh crab,
may you be blessed
by the holy name.

One eye falling down,
wobbling to reset,
the end is clearly near.
No more protest
when thrown backwards
the jiva
no longer there.

I offer obeisances,
with a tears in my eyes,
thank you for the lesson,
Oh Sage Crab.

Walking back,
chanting, chanting.
I glance back,
the feast begun.
But “he” is not there.

Adyaiva me visatu