Besides planting berries it has been dry enough so I was able to shallow till my garden and get the weeds and rye incorporated and starting to rot. They were high enough it was easier to mow over them first, plus that makes more surface area for bacteria to munch on.

I planted one 50′ bed with early stuff.

Peas (3 kinds)
Sweet peas
Carrots (2 varieties)
Fava Beans

Soaked the beets and sweet peas before planting as they are harder to germinate and can use the help.

Now just to wait for April Showers to get things in motion.

“In this connection the example of the rainy season is very appropriate. Seasonal rainfall may be taken as the agent for creation because after the rainfall the wet fields are favorable for growing different types of vegetation.

“Similarly, as soon as there is creation by the Lord’s glancing over the material nature, immediately the living entities spring up in their different living conditions, just as different types of vegetation grow after a rainfall. The rainfall is one, but the creation of the different plants is varied. The rain falls equally on the whole field, but the different plants sprout up in different shapes and forms according to the seeds planted.

“Similarly, the seeds of our desires are varied. Every living entity has a different type of desire, and that desire is the seed which causes his growth in a certain type of body.”

Krishna Book 87: Prayers by the Personified Vedas