The renal exploratory procedure went routinely and I was home timely. They said one hour minimum in recovery and I was released by the end of the hour.   We stopped at a Tractor Store on the way home to buy some sulfur to acidify soil for blue berry planting and I did almost stagger a couple of times walking down some aisles so the admonition to not drive for 24 hours was good advice and heeded.

The doctor also told my wife to  not let me use any power tools or have access to a knife as well so she joked I wouldn’t be able to pick the asparagus that  we had for dinner that evening.

I did mostly lay around on the couch the rest of the day. I had pushed myself the previous days so I was about due for a rest in any case and the next morning I felt like I could hit it again, as softly as “hitting” it has turned out to be for me in general anymore.

I did have some clots that passed in my urine but fortunately not enough to clog my bladder like when I had my kidney biopsy.

The results were good. No sign of any cancer and the persistent  bleeding had no source that was alarming or required action.  The amount of blood now apparently normally occurring in my urine may be due to a weak blood vessel was his conclusion but not enough to be concerned about.

One problem with the Prograf (the immune suppressing drug I take to prevent rejection of my transplanted liver)  side effect of diabetes is that it is a circulation disease that affects capillaries.   I am always getting these little blood blossoms under the skin of my arms when they burst so I imagine the same thing is going on in my kidneys.

Tuesday I had a meeting of the Wheeling Farmer’s Market of which we are still a member and did actually go out and sell at a couple of times last year so that consumed that day’s available energy.

The raspberries, blackberries and currants we ordered from Nourse Farms have arrived so Thursday was soil preparation and getting a water buffalo filled and hauled to the site and today we should get them planted.

We had 7 householders order berries with us so I spent a couple of hours making up their orders and getting the berries to them with planting instructions.  Altogether we are getting 12 currants, 50 blackberries, and 80 raspberries planted on the ridge with this order and more to arrive next week.