I was scheduled to have a conference call and the usual conference moderator wasn’t going to be there so I had the moderator’s pass code number to start the call.

Although it was the same call in number we had used for years as we hadn’t used it for a few months I called in the night before to verify it was still working so in case it wasn’t I would have time to make other arrangements. It was fine.

Ten minutes before the conference call, at 1:2o pm, I dialed in and initiated the conference with the moderator’s pass code number in case anyone came early.   Ten minutes went by and no one. Another 5 minutes passed and I was really starting to wonder because this group was always punctual.

I had an incoming call so I used call waiting and took it.  It was one of the members calling and wondering where I was because when he called in at 1:25 pm, no one was there and the auto response told him that the phone number had been changed. He dialed the new number and was able to get in the queue waiting for the moderator to arrive.

Sure enough, I called in again and got the same message he had gotten– that the call in number had been changed although the pass code numbers remained the same. I called the new number, logged in and there were all the members of the conference waiting for me.

That was so bizarre, what are the odds? We use the same number for years and then the very day we go to use it after months of not,  the number changes between 1:20 when I log on and 1:25 when the next member tries.

I had even tried the number the night before to be sure it was working, doing the best I could to assure success, but Krishna decided to have a little joke on me and my illusion that I was the doer and that I could do anything to assure success when He wanted it to not succeed.  Man proposes, God disposes was demonstrated once again.