April has arrived a few weeks early so pressures from the garden is ratcheted up — I still have pruning to do and things are popping out all over.

Monday I didn’t even turn my computer on as I was too busy as I had a flat tire on the van to deal with plus my monthly blood tests and a doctor’s appointment.

We don’t have cable  here so the internet option is dial up or satellite and Tuesday the satellite was out so I am getting back to the web after three days, since Sunday morning.

Hopefully I can catch up on email a bit but the great outdoors is demanding the attention of my limited energies.

“Of course spring is a season universally liked because it is neither too hot nor too cold and the flowers and trees blossom and flourish. In spring there are also many ceremonies commemorating Krsna’s pastimes; therefore this is considered to be the most joyful of all seasons, and it is the representative of the Supreme Lord, Krsna.”

Bhagavad gita 10.35