Monday I noted the first crocus had bloomed and Tuesday I saw snowdrops. 

I am not as familiar with snowdrops because I had only first planted them recently, but I know the crocus blooming in February is very early and usually they are weeks behind the snowdrops.

Which means we are having an early end to winter and I am already behind on work schedule.  Pruning would usually be Feb-March work but this bodes that March will be over in a couple of weeks instead of having another month to complete pruning.

Trees will start budding out early and it is best to prune when things are still dormant.  I still also have a lot of clearing to do to prepare for some nut trees I want to get planted.

At least we are saving burning some wood, as we don’t keep the house that warm when we don’t have guests, like 60-65 F (15.5 to 18.3 C) so with the warmer days we are having some we don’t have to bother with a fire. Especially if we get any sunshine because we get passive solar gain through the greenhouse and windows.

Speaking of windows, here are the spring  seedlings getting their jump on life.

There is no lack of winter work. Here is Vidya’s output from the last couple of days.

A herd of giraffes  for the craft shows she does later in the year, all finished and priced with tags, ready to be packed away into plastic tubs. These are the gourds from 2010 we grew.

2011 crop is almost ready and could be crafted for 2012 shows but mostly they will be crafted next winter as she does things in batches and she will have completed the giraffes she needs for this season. Unless they sell like crazy and she has to make more.

Once spring comes she keeps doing crafts but other things start to demand attention so here we are, feeling like the winter has gone by too quickly.