Out here in the country we can have problems that might not happen to city folk. One of them is birds crashing into your windows.  It occurs most frequently at our house involving cardinals during nesting season.

Birds are territorial during nesting season and males will attack other males of the same species.  It is common to have multiple nests in our yard at the same time but never two of the same species.

It will happen some years that a cardinal will see his reflection in a window and attack it to drive it away. Sometimes they attack so hard they end up laying stunned on the ground.  Different windows in different houses have this problem due to angles of light, what scene is reflected, time of day, all that.

Sometimes birds will fly into a window because they perceive it as just another part of the yard.   Expecially if they are elduing a predator like a hawk.

Here is a website with a solution:


While they sell a ready made product custom made for your window, they also include plans to build your own.


They claim 90% reduction in bird kills using the bird savers.

“When people think of bird mortality they usually think of cats, wind turbines, and pesticide poisoning, among other causes. In fact, in North America the largest number of birds are killed each year by glass!

“Windows in our homes and other buildings can be deadly to birds. Many people do not realize that birds are killed at the windows they look through unless they happen to be there when the bird hits the window. Birds that die directly under the offending window are often taken by scavengers – cats, raccoons, skunks, chipmunks, other birds, etc. If it is a window where many birds die from collisions, even though you do not realize that birds are dying there, scavengers know and routinely check the area for fresh food.

“Many times, the bird that just hit the window dies immediately. Other times, the bird may fly away only to die later. Sometimes birds recover if the strike is not too severe. …”

Read their whole Fact Sheet here.