Sometimes I get obsessed with a You tube video, like recently Man of Constant Sorrow.  I will listen to it repeatedly while doing other computer work. The problem is that it ends and then I have to go to that tab and hit the play button.  There is no Auto Repeat button for You Tube like you would commonly find on other players.

I found a place that explains how to do this. :

If you’re like me, and enjoy listening to the music videos on Youtube, you may get tired of having to manually click the replay button every time the song ends.

It is possible to reiterate each video on it’s own, all you have to do is enter in a URI with specific looping parameters. The following is the format you will use to accomplish this task:

(Gosh’s note: the following displayed a player so to show the formula I had to change the http: to xttp: so you will have to add back in the h)


This will redirect you to a much longer URI, but don’t worry about it, it will still achieve the same results. To see a full list of Youtube parameters available, just visit their embedded player parameters page.

To find the ID of a Youtube video however, visit the video page as you would normally would, like this one for example:

Every character after the equals sign is included in the video ID (meaning this video’s ID is YUVwcnhoUJQ). So in order to repeat this video automatically (and to see an example of a repeating video in action), the full URI will be:

End quote. Note I did substitute for the example.  Of course, not from realization but from parroting the philosophy, I would encourage you to choose a more devotional video to loop. This example being the first video I found on Planet ISKCON where there is usually several new ones available at any given time.