After being allowed home from my misadventure in the hospital my release was contingent on coming in the next day and having followup blood work done. My hemoglobin had been 8.9 (anything below 13.9 considered anemic) and their protocol was below 9.0 give a transfusion.

I ate beets, home grown and retrieved from the root cellar, for my first meal home and had them again for lunch before getting my blood drawn that afternoon.  My hemoglobin was 10.4 so no further short term treatment  plan was necessary.

I can’t say for sure that it was only the beets, as they had me on an IV in the hospital to prevent dehydration as I stopped drinking water to avoid putting any more pressure on my bladder and that IV may have thinned my blood lowering the hemoglobin and once off it would have bounced back regardless.  But I prefer to believe it was the beets.

The only problem with the beets was I was supposed to be vigilant in observing for any blood in my urine and as beets are used as a additive for purposes of coloration it did an admirable job of turning my urine red.  I think I am able to spot the difference between beet juice and blood though so made the assumption it was okay. :-)

Speaking of an IV, that stayed hooked up until they were starting the release process.  Just to show how easily we humans are given to bodily attachments, after the IV was unhooked, I wanted to go somewhere for whatever purpose. I got out of bed, dutifully unplugged the IV stand and was walking around dragging it with me.  It took me a while before I realized that I wasn’t hooked to the IV so no need to tow the IV stand with me.  It had so quickly become a habit.

On yesterday’s post I got a comment from a fellow traveler with HCV.  Check out  my response there to see my  thinking about the future of this meat sack.