To be on schedule I like to do my seed and plant ordering in January along with tax preparation. January is typically the toughest weather of the winter and that is indoor work.  Then in February I can start doing pruning work on days the weather isn’t too adverse.

I did get a start pruning Sunday.  I need to port New Vrindaban Bloggers over to a new hosting service. While I can grope my way through that, I have for some reason no talent or retention doing techie work so prefer help.  Raghu lives and breathes this stuff so I went to his house in a labor exchange by helping him prune his fruit trees in exchange for his help with the website work.

Anyway, I am partially  on schedule as my   taxes are  done, but late on the seeds and plants orders.  Hopefully I will finish them in the next couple of days, or at least the seeds.  The plants order will take a bit longer because I will try to organize some group buying with other devotees to help keep prices down.  I know I am going to order 50 nut trees to share and also do an order for blueberries.  We hope to get 100 berry plants installed in the Garden of Seven Gates at the temple and that gives a little leverage for other devotees to come in and shave costs a little.  I am a little mental what I will attempt beyond that as far as trees and berries go.

Seed order is almost done, just cleaning up some details, like choosing which Cherry tomato I want to try this year as the one I have been ordering, Red Fig, is not in the catalog anymore.

This includes  Vidya ordering for the Deity Flower garden project. She orders most of her flower seeds from Park  Seed along with Gopa for the Palace Gardens though that order was done last fall as there is a deep discount for early ordering. They also get bulbs and perennial plants from Van Bourgadien.

Not every catalog has everything we need so  we are ordering from several.

I get a lot of seeds from Berlin Seeds. This is an Amish/Mennonite owned company so they don’t have a website, but here is a review.  You can order over the phone. They are cheapest and good quality. From them I am getting vegetable seeds, trowels for the Deity garden, some organic pesticides and a blueberry that has a second smaller crop in the fall.

Johnny’s has some vegetables I like Berlin doesn’t have, plus some flower and herb seeds.  Plus sweet potato slips they mail at the right time, closer to June.

Totally Tomatoes is where i get all my tomato seeds except Bellstar which only Johnny’s has. Plus I am going to try a sweet pepper called “Planet’ they have. Celebrity, Purple Prudens  (like Branywine but earlier),  Rutgers, Stupice (an early one) and San Marzano, a great paste tomato (as is Bellstar) for making our own sauce that we eat year round.

Thompson and Morgan and Select Seed – Antique Flowers are flower seeds, some rarer stuff not in the other catalogs.

There are a couple of other catalogsI have glanced at that have some intriguing plants but I am swinging between admonishing myself  for suffering from cabin fever and over extending myself,  to saying it is my duty to research these plants because they may turn out to be good selections for flowers for the Deities. Remains to be seen how that will transpire.