This morning there is a light dusting of snow on the grass where it is shaded from the sun. The bit of snow we had gotten yesterday melted immediately upon hitting the road so that is clean and dry. I think the slat/cinders truck has only been out a couple of times so far this winter. Once for a couple of inches of snow and another time when a late evening rain had frozen into a sheet of ice.

Although we have had above average precipitation each of the past three months,  practically none has been in the form of snow so we are having what the locals call an open winter. If we considered the winter season to include November to March,  we are having a mild winter so far.

November was 4.1 (2.3 C) degrees over average. December was almost 4 degrees (2.2 C) above normal.  January was 5 (2.8 C) degrees warmer than normal. That is the difference between getting rain or snow.

As the coldest average temperatures here are Jan. 18-20th, we have turned the corner on winter and it has been above average temperatures since then, so even if it were to turn to below average temperatures the rest of the way, we will still end up milder than usual. The ten day forecast is one average day, one below and the rest above normal, so that doesn’t seem lightly at this point.

One downside of a mild winter is that the ground doesn’t freeze as deep and insects that are overwintering have less damage in their populations and you can have a higher than normal insect problem next summer.

Less deer die so their population will swell to an even great amount of pressure, though if you aren’t already providing deer protection, you are getting hit so bad already you may not notice the difference.

My wife ran into my younger boys’  grade school football coach yesterday. We drive by his place on the way to town and he is quite the gardener so she started taking gardening to him.

She said someone may be contacting me about deer protection for trees as he knew a man who last year planted out 600 trees and lost them all to deer damage.  She told him I was well aware of many ways of deer control that don’t work and the one that does.

As I am always happy anytime anyone plants trees, I am glad to help.

FYI, if there are any New Vrindaban devotees reading this who haven’t heard yet, ECOV is making rock phosphate available. Soils here are naturally low in phosphate so it can be a limiting factor in production. Read more here.