Cruising the net I found this picture of my daughter Manjari. See it in larger size here. Manjari is the one sitting on the ground.

From the site:

“A friend of mine was a Hare Krishna devotee back in the 80′s. I was intrigued with her lifestyle of devotion to Krishna, so when she invited me to spend some time with her at New Vrindaban, a Hare Krishna community and temple in West Virginia, I jumped at the chance.

“This image is one from my time at New Vrindaban. I got to know some of the devotee children, who were a wonderful mix of devotion and joy, as were all the devotees I got to know in the week I spent there.

“On this Fine Arts Friday, I’m dusting off this favorite image. I love the way they are so unaware of my camera. Kids usually ham it up when they see a camera, but these kids just went about their business.”