It is cool but bright and sunny and the auction I was going to go to today I am skipping because there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow and still too many things to do in the garden to  that potential bargains will have to go unrealized.

When you plant a landscape you have to plan for all 4 seasons.  Some earn a place by dramatic spring time flowering but others are inconspicuous during the growing season then earn their spot in the winter.

The ornamental grasses fall into this category.  This morning the sun is shining through the dried seed-heads of some ornamental grasses I planted last year that came into their own this year.  The picture doesn’t do it justice,  my camera can’t capture the effect but with the sun behind the seed-heads they look translucent and shiny.  They are glowing. They will hold up all winter so that is a nice visual interest for the snowy days ahead.

I haven’t bundled up my fig  as it can get quite cold before it needs the protection but I did have to get my fragrant native azaleas covered. The deer nibble on the buds and will wipe them out early in the fall so as fast as the leaves drop I have to cover them.

It is a little trouble but the fragrance next spring is so heady that it is well worth the effort.

“Just like you’ll find on the ground, so many flowers and grasses are coming up. How? By the sunrise, the glance of the sun.

“Where there is no sunshine, there the vegetables do not grow. We have got practical experience. Similar… Therefore the field or the earth is not exploding with the vegetation. It is due to the sunshine. Therefore it is coming out. It is the real cause.

“Similarly, accepting that chunk, the total material energy, it is agitated by the glance of Maha-Visnu. Then it explodes and things are coming out. We can accept that in that way, but not that automatically there was explosion. That is not fact.

“Therefore to the foolish person, the power behind the explosion is not visible. Naham prakasah sarvasya yoga-maya-samavrtah [Bg. 7.25]. Therefore Krsna says that “I am not visible to everyone, they being covered by the curtain of yoga-maya.” Mudhah nabhijanati mam ebhyah param avyayam. Tribhir gunamayir bhavair mohitah.

Sri Caitanya-caritamrta, Adi-lila 1.12 — Mayapur, April 5, 1975