“A flash mob is a group of strangers who organize themselves, using electronic media such as cell phones or the Internet, to gather together in a public place, behave in a predetermined manner for a predetermined amount of time, and then quickly disperse. …”


Most commonly associated with dancing.

Here is a religious themed one (little slow in the beginning but after a bit you get the idea):


Here is a more macho one. I love these Polynesians when they do this!


There is sort of an innocent excitement about them, Granted, I imagine there could be darker ones but they are very open to good clean fun.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way that devotees could dovetail the idea of a flash mob, you know, like a bunch of people all show up in a public place and dance a routine to music. Dancing, music, in public. Sure would be nice if devotees could figure out a way to do that. :-)